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CheckNSave.com is an online grocery prices and supermarket comparison website. Because grocery prices can fluctuate by large amounts each week, we put together this site to help you track those changes and easily see at a glance where and when you can save the most money on your groceries.

If you like a particular brand of product, you can now compare that brand between grocery stores to see where it is the cheapest, and what price it has previously been on special for. If you don't care about the brand and just want to save the most money possible, no problem either. We compare similar products of different brands with one another so that you can see clearly which brand offers the best value to you, and in exactly which store.

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Save Up To 50% On Your Grocery Run!

Supermarkets and grocery stores in Australia often run weekly specials that see prices of products drop below 50% of what they would normally cost if you bought them at their regular price. By tracking prices of the products you buy most often in you own customizable shopping cart, you can be notified of exactly when to buy to save over 50% on the products you purchase!

Imagine - Simply by looking up which store has the best prices for your products each week, you could save thousands of dollars each year on your grocery prices.

Why Compare Grocery Prices?

It's something that most penny pinchers do without even thinking in the grocery store - find the price of a particular grocery product and brand, and compare it in our memory with the last known price to see if it is a good deal. This is often displayed in the form of a savings amount on the price ticket, so this is nothing new. You may also work out from the unit pricing which size of a particular product is the best dealBut we also devised a way of comparing the product with like products, perhaps of a different brand to establish the best price for that type of product within that department.

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Which Supermarkets Do We Track?

  1. Currently the two main supermarkets we track prices for in Australia are Coles Online and Woolworths (Homeshop). The reason for these two is that between them they command the vast majority share of the Australian grocery market, and have stores right throughout the country.

  2. In New Zealand, we currently track grocery prices from Woolworths, as this is the only chain that make prices available via online shopping.